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Connect groups are divine opportunities not to be missed. So much can happen in a 6-week period. You could have a breakthrough in any area. You could learn a concept that impacts your entire life. You could build a friendship you never saw coming.

The potential is limitless and you won’t know what will happen until you take that first step. Although you can’t predict everything, you can expect good times. The selections of groups range from serious Scripture studies to lighthearted game nights. Within the fun is a chance to be an active part of a community that draws you closer to God. Look at the 10 reasons to join a connect group.

  • Embrace Jesus’s teachings in a tangible way
  • Be pleasantly surprised at what you have in common with people at Church
  • Enliven your life by truly enjoying it with great people
  • Have those kind of conversations that change the course of your week
  • Play an active part of the community of Crossroads Church
  • Give and receive love in ways that challenge and inspire you
  • Grow closer to God
  • Form strong bonds with fellow brothers and sisters
  • Three words: Laugh. Eat. Read.
  • Have something to look forward to each week